Complete IT Outsourcing Services

Outsource All of Your IT Infrastructure and Support Services

CloudHost offers a complete package for Outsourced IT Services that changes the way businesses manage and operate their information systems. Our process starts with understanding your business objectives, and how IT can be leveraged to deliver business results. A senior IT executive works with you to develop an overall IT strategy and project plan to align technology, processes, and people with your key business objectives. Outsourcing your entire IT environment will typically lower IT operating costs by 19%- 29% and deliver the following benefits:

• Free up existing IT staff to focus on core business objectives and projects.
• Provide depth and breadth of IT expertise with certified staff, certified in different disciplines.
• Decreasing system outages and reduce the disruption with proactive monitoring and management.
• Improving overall IT system and staff operational efficiency.
• Reducing IT capital expenditures making them operating expenses.
• Controlling IT budget by contracting for specific services and support.
• Accessing advanced IT toolsets and only paying for what you use.
• Reducing IT staff expenses by only paying for the tasks/skillsets you need when you need them.

Outsource Just Your Operations Support

The CloudHost Operations Team provides ongoing support for the IT systems required to run your business on a day-to-day basis. Operations support for IT environments is always customized to meet your business requirements and can be provided on your infrastructure or ours. Designed to meet all of your IT support needs we provide the following IT operations support services:

• Cloud Hosting Services.
• 24×7 Help Desk Services.
• Backup and Disaster Recovery Services.
• IT infrastructure design, implementation, management and monitoring.
• IT Project management.
• IT Strategy advice and planning.

CloudHost works with you to support the underlying technologies that serve as the foundation for your IT systems and users by managing applications, servers, databases, networks and end user support. Let your IT staff focus on accomplishing your core business initiatives while we manage your day-to-day IT support activities.

Gas & Oil

Oil & Gas energy firms more advance than before now. Few companies already adopted smart cards, smart wells with the intelligent operation methods to enhance operating performance in Gas and Oil energy market. Some of the companies’ already working in integrated model of demand and supply with production setup and trading. CloudHost can help many oil & gas firms at every stages of production life cycle.

Our Core Focus is IT Service Management (ITSM)

The essential component in providing ITSM as a service supporting corporate end-users and IT infrastructure is an IT services organization consisting of skilled staff and proven, process-driven methodologies. An effective ITSM organization improves the overall effectiveness of IT service operations and meets the demands for supporting more and better IT services across an ever-increasing number of devices and platforms.

CloudHost’s ITSM focus is the “core” foundation of our business. Using ITIL-based processes and our advanced IT Service Management platform, ensures you get a quick resolution to all of your IT related incidents. The investment has been made in skilled staff and IT automated monitoring and management toolsets to provide the best IT support services available in the market today. We have 24×7 Services providing backup and redundant IT support. These Services automate legacy manual IT tasks and provide a “consumer-like” user experience.

Our service delivery model for incident and service management includes

• Customized Service Level Agreement management of service incidents.
• Service-level driven tracking and escalation.
• Submit issues via email, phone, web portal.
• Self-service web portal updates to issues.
• Priority-based queuing and escalation.
• Alignment between IT and business processes.
• Single point of contact for all IT issues.
• Monthly reporting of all critical performance parameters.