IT Support for Manufacturers and Distributers

Reliable IT Infrastructure, secured Data, Better Decisions, Increased Profits

Manufacturing needs to take better position for revival of manufacturing sector compare to earlier years. Today’s advances in digital automation need adopt to improve on high scalability and productivity which is very much required to enter a significant growth in manufacturing sector. Critical to this growth is the management of manufacturing costs.

Business and supply chain analytics combined with higher productivity will be able to generate higher margins per product and help fuel this projected manufacturing sector growth. In order to effectively manage costs while meeting high volume output and distribution goals, you must have a robust, agile, IT infrastructure.

Some of the key aspects like Server and desktop computer management, vendor management, data storage, security, disaster recovery, networking and everything must be enabled to robustly with Manufacturing business needs.

Reliable IT Systems are always Accessible

Properly sized and robust IT infrastructure is an vital component in enabling profitable growth in the manufacturing industry. At CloudHost Managed Services, we expertise in working with a large packaging machinery company.

CloudHost provides

• Effective collaboration processes and increased productivity by adopting common platform in terms of connecting number of sites or location or office in a efficient and effective method.
• Cost effective and usage based network architecture by lowering IT operating costs with improving efficiency in working environment.
• Full proof encrypted data storage and backup disaster recovery services that provided an additional layer of protection.
• Reduced data storage requirements by adoption of virtualization technologies.