Managed IT Staffing

Today cost-effective staffing is a challenging task for IT and ITES . With the staffing costs spiraling out of control and separate billing invoices from a varied array of firms, companies find it difficult to collate the staffing costs and budget for the future. Using multiple vendors also brings many execution challenges like:

•Are temporary consultants qualified for their positions?
•Are company policies and procedures being followed during recruitment?
•What about compliance, security and other risk management issues?
•How to determine the overall staffing costs?
•Is HR getting the right and timely information?

CloudHost’s centralized and reliable managed staffing solutions simplify this complex matrix. We help many companies save these operational costs and employee efforts making more time available for your core business. Using the experienced recruiting staff, processes, vast pool of consultants and access to a large-referral based network, we help you build human capital which strengthens your organization.

CloudHost follow sound processes to manage entire course from initial requisition to consolidated invoicing and monitoring the performance of your staffing vendors as well as state and federal compliances. This brings greater visibility and consolidated reports on your actual spending over staffing. We endeavor to provide you better workforce solutions, lower operating costs and reduced compliance liabilities. The various engagement models we offer under Managed Staffing solutions are:

•Vendor Managed Services
•Pay Rolling Solutions
•Vendor Transitioning