Streamline Business Operations

CloudHost business process and business systems consultants help you—our client—increase sales, increase productivity and reduce risk, by leveraging technology. CloudHost delivers the best available information systems to small- and medium-size businesses.

Maximize Service Level and Function

The CloudHost system proactively manages, monitors, and alerts to ensure that incidents leading to server or network failures are minimized. We identify and address issues prior to a failure occurrence. This process maximizes server and network up-time.

ITIL-Based Methodology

The CloudHost IT Operations Management team has based its service offering on the ITIL framework. Our methodology allows us to capture and track information critical to the support we provide. With systematic procedures for handling incidents as they arise, we ensure rapid issue resolution. With Problem Management, another ITIL based practice, we recognize recurring incidents and apply root cause analysis in order to address the root of the problem and not just the symptoms it produces. We can then focus to improve the performance of your systems on a continual basis.

Reduce Risk of Data Loss or Productivity Loss

We reduce the risk of data loss! We monitor server health, architect the necessary storage reliability systems, ensure backups are successful, and confirm tape backups are removed from the premises.

Prevent Problems Before They Happen

The CloudHost event log management system has over 2000 pre-identified errors and prescribed steps for problem resolution. In the event that one of your systems begins to log errors, our system recognizes the error, alerts our service desk, and provides a recommendation for steps to resolve the problem.

Resolve Problems Quickly When They Happen

With CloudHost managed services, your organization leverages a team of technology specialists, waiting to serve you. A systems engineer responds to calls and determines if the problem is routine or related to a more specialized technology. If the engineer is unable to resolve a level 1 or 2 problem within one hour, the problem is escalated to a senior engineer/technology specialist (Citrix, Exchange, Linux, Windows Server, Active Directory, etc.) for rapid resolution. With this process, we resolve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Automated Administration and Monitoring

CloudHost has invested over  in automated administration and monitoring tools to ensure we manage your IT systems in the most proactive manner. These automated processes ensure your systems have the latest security patches and anti-virus updates and that the general health of the system is good. If not, we are alerted, and we respond.

Minimize Cost of IT Operation—Continuous Improvement

CloudHost tracks time and effort spent on various maintenance tasks, and documents all support services. This enables CloudHost to constantly track labor—the highest cost component of maintaining and supporting your IT infrastructure (down to the server level). By tracking labor consumption, CloudHost is able to identify opportunities to reduce the cost of maintenance and allow your dollars to be invested in increased-function or higher service level capabilities.

Paradigm shift Characteristics Key terms Advantages Disadvantages and risks When not to use
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Infrastructure as an asset Usually platform-independent; infrastructure costs are shared and thus reduced; service level agreements (SLAs); pay by usage; self-scaling Grid computing, utility computing, compute instance, hypervisor, cloudbursting, multi-tenant computing, resource pooling Avoid capital expenditure on hardware and human resources; reduced ROI risk; low barriers to entry; streamlined and automated scaling Business efficiency and productivity largely depends on the vendor’s capabilities; potentially greater long-term cost; centralization requires new/different security measures When capital budget is greater than operating budget
Platform as a Service (PaaS) License purchasing Consumes cloud infrastructure; caters to agile project management methods Solution stack Streamlined version deployment Centralization requires new/different security measures N/A
SaaS Software as an asset (business and consumer) SLAs; UI powered by “thin client” applications; cloud components; communication via APIs; stateless; loosely coupled; modular; semantic interoperability Thin client; client-server application Avoid capital expenditure on software and development resources; reduced ROI risk; streamlined and iterative updates Centralization of data requires new/different security measures N/A